Weslaco Research Center

The AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Weslaco TX (established in 1923) is one of the 13 Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Centers that serve the specific research needs of each region and for agricultural and urban citizens across the state. The Center’s research components are dedicated to research and technology development in food, agriculture and natural resources. The following is an approximation of facilities in the main building.

main building

Administration Office

The main building has a general 1,441 square foot administration office with three main offices of 256, 172, and 168 square feet that house the Center Director, Project Manager, and Operations Manager. Expert personnel also include secretarial, accounting and human resources.


Conference Room

A 256 square foot conference room is available and equipped with a smart board, internet, projector, and telecom.

conference room

Foyer Area

The foyer area has tables and chairs available to sit around 30 people. There is a 202 square foot kitchen in this area.



A 2,094 square foot auditorium/theater is equipped with projector and microphone. This auditorium/theater will be used to hold workshops and meetings for the proposed project.


Faculty and Staff Offices

There is approximately 1,356 square feet and 2,221 square feet at the research center dedicated to faculty and staff offices, respectively. All offices contain computer stations and software necessary for project analyses.

Research Laboratories

There is approximately 9,853 square feet at the research center dedicated to research laboratory space. (Specifics of Laboratory found in Equipment List)

Greenhouses and Cropland

The Weslaco AgriLife Research Center’s facilities include 74,000 square feet greenhouses, workshops, storerooms, sheds, and 360 acres of cropland, including on-site cropland experimental fields with already established system for different types of irrigation (flood, spray and drop). Project PI and CO-PIs will have unrestricted access to the on-site research experimental fields, which are irrigated with water from an on-site pond. The Center has expert support personnel, including secretarial, human resources and accounting services. The three major field research sites (Weslaco, Annex and Hiler Farms) have soil types that are representative of commercial farms in the southeast United States.

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