Subtropical Pest Management Research

There are a multitude of insect pests that attack vegetables and other crops grown in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  This subtropical location is prone to pest outbreaks year-round, and is also a gateway for new pest incursions into the United States.  This website will be dedicated to providing regularly updated information related to subtropical pest management research at Texas AgriLife Research in Weslaco.

Subtropical pest management at Weslaco includes research into:

  1. Plant disease-vector interactions
  2. Insect pest population dynamics
  3. Insect pest sampling
  4. Integrated pest management
  5. Biological control
  6. Insect pest movement and spatial dynamics
  7. Insect pest behavior

Inquiries about graduate and postdoctoral research opportunities are welcome. Contact Dr. Don Henne, Texas AgriLife Research – Weslaco,

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